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In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), Mirrin Tekstil İç Ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Ltd. As (“” or “Company”), as the data controller, your personal data may be processed within the framework explained below. Personal data means any information that identifies or identifies your identity. Mirrin Textile Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Ltd. Your personal data processed by and, the purposes for which they are processed, the recipient groups to which they may be transferred, the legal reason and your rights regarding such personal data are listed below.

Processed Personal Data

Persons who accept the membership conditions on the platform, log in from the website or the application installed on mobile devices, and follow and/or purchase the products on the platform are defined as "Members". If you become a member of the platform, your personal data below may be processed.

• Your Identity Information: your name, surname, gender and age information, TR ID number, tax number, sole proprietorship information,

• Your Contact Information: your mobile phone number, delivery address, e-mail address,
• Your Customer Transaction Information: your order and invoice information, your delivery transaction information, transaction history information regarding your purchases, your request and complaint information, the information you personally share in your comments and questions if you comment and/or ask questions about the products on the platform,

• Your Transaction Security Information: IP address information, password and password information, cookie information,
• Your Legal Transaction Information: information in correspondence with authorized persons, institutions and organizations, information in lawsuit and enforcement files, your legal information request information,
• Your Audio Recording Information: your voice recording in case you call the call center.

Purpose and Basis of Personal Data Processing

Your personal data under the heading "Processed Personal Data" is processed based on the legal compliance reasons specified in Articles 5, 8 and 9 of the KVKK and listed below.

• Based on the legal reason that it is clearly stipulated in the legislation to which our Company is subject, especially the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce No. 6563, the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 and the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502; Fulfilling our obligations arising from the legislation, especially activities aimed at ensuring the security of the operations on the company platform, carrying out information security processes, and ensuring that the activities are carried out in accordance with the legislation,
• Based on the legal reason why it is necessary to process your personal data, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of the contract; Carrying out the activities of establishing contracts concluded on our platform under the relevant articles of the Law on Consumer Protection, such as distance sales contracts, carrying out activities for the realization of your purchases, carrying out and auditing the business activities of the company, monitoring the delivery processes, responding to your requests, complaints and suggestions regarding our products and services. evaluation, execution and auditing of finance and accounting processes, execution of communication activities,
• Based on the legal reason that it is mandatory for our company to fulfill its legal obligations; Fulfilling the legal obligations specified in the decisions, guidelines and guides included in the secondary legislation to which our Company is subject and/or published by the competent authorities, especially the Regulation on Distance Contracts and the Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce, and providing information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations. Ensuring that activities are carried out in accordance with the legislation, following up and carrying out legal affairs, carrying out financial and accounting affairs,
• Based on the legal reason that data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right; Conducting legal and litigation matters,
• Based on the legal reason that data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of our company, provided that it does not harm fundamental rights and freedoms; Carrying out activities aimed at developing and improving the products and services offered by our company,
• Based on the legal reason that you have express consent; Transferring personal data abroad.

To Whom and For What Purpose Can We Transfer Your Personal Data?

• Information technologies, marketing/advertising/analysis activities, logistics services, payment services or consultancy requiring expertise, etc. In order to receive product and service support on issues, our company's domestic service providers and business partners (call center, those who collect personal data through devices, marketing/advertising/analysis service providers, database and server service providers, those who provide monitoring services for Site and Mobile Application usage, e- mail server service providers, e-invoice and e-archive invoice service providers, electronic messaging service providers, cargo and courier companies, warehouse service providers, banks and electronic payment institutions, legal and financial consultancy services, independent audit service providers, archiving service providers, customer support - video call services and online messaging/voice call services),

• To provide the information requested from us to these institutions, organizations and authorities in order to fulfill our obligations to provide information, documents and other related obligations to authorized public institutions and organizations and judicial authorities and to exercise our legal rights such as lawsuit and response rights,

• With our suppliers and payment institutions related to the relevant transaction, from whom we receive consultancy services when necessary, for the purposes of tracking and detecting suspicious transactions and preventing illegal transactions,

• With our business partners within the scope of activities to increase visit traffic on the Site and Mobile Application,

• Transfer Abroad: Information technologies, marketing/advertising/analysis activities, or consultancy requiring expertise, etc. Within the scope of the agreements we have made with service providers abroad (insurance service within the scope of cyber security, server/maintenance and development service) and with our business partners in order to receive product and service support on issues, in order to fulfill the requirements of the agreements, and thus with the relevant parties in the country and/or abroad. Since the suppliers' servers are located abroad, your identity, finance, communication, marketing, location, customer transaction, and transaction security data are transferred abroad.

Rights Regarding Personal Data

By contacting our company using the methods in the "Contact" section of our website,

• Learning whether your personal data is being processed or not,
• Requesting information regarding if it has been processed,
• Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose,
• Knowing the third parties to whom it is transferred domestically or abroad,
• Requesting correction of personal data if they are incomplete or incorrectly processed,
• Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in KVKK,
• To request that the transactions carried out in accordance with your rights in the form of correction, deletion and destruction stated above be notified to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred,
• Object to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing your processed personal data exclusively with automatic systems,
• If you suffer damage due to the processing of your personal data contrary to the relevant legislation, you have the right to request compensation for your damage.

Use of Cookies

In order to provide better service to our company's website and mobile web visitors and within the framework of its legal obligation, this "INFORMATION TEXT ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND COOKIE POLICY" It will be able to process User/Member navigation information, provided that it is not used outside the purposes and scope specified by.
Cookies are text files containing small pieces of information that are loaded by the User/Member's internet browser and stored on the User/Member's computer, mobile phone or tablet when the User/Member visits the website in question or connects via mobile web. Cookies only contain information about your visit history on the internet and do not collect any information about the files stored on your computer or mobile device.

Cookie Types and Purposes of Use

Cookies in terms of their validity period:

• Temporary Cookies (Session Cookies): Session Cookies are temporary cookies that are used by visitors during their visit to the website and are deleted after the browser is closed. The main purpose of using such cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the website during your visit. For example; Thanks to these cookies, you can fill out online forms consisting of multiple pages.

• Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are types of cookies used to increase the functionality of the website and provide a faster and better service. These types of cookies are used to remember visitors' preferences and are stored on visitors' devices through browsers. Some types of persistent cookies; It can be used to offer special suggestions to visitors, taking into account issues such as the purpose of using the website. Thanks to persistent cookies, if the website is visited again with the same device, it is checked whether there is a cookie created by the website on the visitors' devices and, if so, it is understood that the website has been visited before and the contents to be delivered to the visitors are determined accordingly. Cookie-Like Technologies are also included in this scope.

Cookies in terms of source:

• First-party cookies: Placed directly on visitors' devices by the website. First-party cookies are defined by the website you are visiting and can only be read by that site.

• Third party cookies: Third party cookies are defined by other organizations used for different services. For example, the external data analysis services we use and the suppliers who provide these services set cookies on our behalf to report what is popular and what is not.

Cookies according to their purpose of use:

• Mandatory Cookies: Mandatory cookies are cookies that are necessary for you to browse our website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the site. These cookies are used for purposes such as security and authentication, they are not used for any marketing purposes and do not identify you. An example of this is remembering previous actions when returning to a page within the same session.

• Functionality cookies: Functionality cookies allow us to remember choices you have made in the past on our website (such as your username, the region you are in or the language you use) for a more personalized online experience. The information these cookies collect may include confidential data that can identify you, such as your username or profile picture. Not allowing the use of such cookies may result in a feature not being used specifically for you and will prevent it from remembering your preferences.

• Performance cookies: These cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website by collecting information such as how you use our website, which pages you visit and which links you click. These cookies do not identify you. All data is collected and aggregated anonymously.

• Marketing cookies: These cookies are used to deliver content relevant to you and your interests. It may also be used to deliver targeted ads or limit the number of times an ad is displayed to you. Many types of these cookies can collect personally identifiable information by tracking consumers.

What Happens If Cookies Are Not Accepted?

If you decide not to accept cookies, certain features of this website may not be displayed or function properly. This limits what you can do on our website and may have an impact on the design and user experience.

How Can You Prevent the Use of Cookies?

Although the use of cookies enables the website or mobile device to provide better service, you can prevent the use of cookies if you wish. However, please keep in mind that in this case, the website or mobile application may not function fully and you may not be able to benefit from all its features. To prevent the use of cookies, you must change the settings of your internet browser. These changes vary depending on the device and internet browser you use. Below is information on what steps should be followed to prevent the use of cookies across different internet browsers:

Internet Explorer

Open the desktop and tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.

Tap or click the Tools button and Internet Options.

Tap or click the Privacy tab, then move the slider under Settings up to block all cookies, and tap or click OK.

Google Chrome

Open Chrome on your computer.

Click More Settings in the top right.

Click Advanced at the bottom.

Under "Privacy and security," click Content settings.

Click Cookies.

Under "All cookies and site data" look for the name of the Website.

Click the Remove icon to the right of the site.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the Firefox Menu button and select Options.

Select the Privacy and Security panel and go to the History section.

Change Firefox to use custom settings for history.

Click on the “Show cookies” button. The Cookies window will appear.

In the Search: field, type the name of the site whose cookies you want to delete. Cookies that match your search will be displayed.

Select the cookie(s) you want to delete and click the Delete selected button.

Close the Cookies window by clicking the Close button. Then close the about:preferences page.


Select Safari > Preferences.

Click Privacy.

Click Website Data.

Select one or more websites and then click Delete or Delete All.

Microsoft Edge

Click on the section with three dots in the upper right corner of your Microsoft Edge browser and go to the Settings section.

After clicking Select Items to Clean in the new window that appears, select the sections you want to clean from the window that appears.

There are many sections here. You can start the cleaning process by choosing the one you want.

Measures for the Protection of Personal Data

Protection of Personal Data is an important issue for our Company. We take all necessary technical and administrative measures to protect the User/Member against unauthorized access to Personal Data or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of this information. We use generally accepted security technology standards when processing Personal Data.

We undertake to keep Personal Data confidential, to take all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure confidentiality and security, and to exercise due care. Although we take the necessary information security measures, if your Personal Data is damaged or obtained by third parties as a result of attacks on our Company's website, mobile web and system, we will immediately notify you and the Personal Data Protection Board and take the necessary measures. .

Changes to the Privacy, Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookies Policy may be amended from time to time. These changes become effective immediately upon the publication of the new amended Privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookies Policy on the website/web mobile. For this reason, we recommend that the User/Member review this text periodically. User/Member can always submit his/her membership information, including Personal Information, if any, and communication preferences by contacting our Company using the contact information on the website. Requests will be evaluated and implemented as soon as possible.

Applicable Law, Competent Court and Enforcement Offices

This Privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Central Court and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise from the application of the Privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy.

Communication Permission

Personal Data shared by the User/Member with our Company; Our Company may use it for sales-marketing purposes, by combining it with the information we collect from other companies as stated in our cookie policy, to develop and personalize the content and promotions of our services, or to offer new services and to send all kinds of communication messages. This data is also used only for the purpose of providing flawless services to the User/Member, delivering your possible shipments in a healthy manner, and delivering our notifications via phone, SMS and/or e-mail on time. It will be shared with third parties who comply with the provisions of the legislation only in case of need and to the extent necessary. If the User/Member does not want to receive these promotions for marketing purposes or does not want to take part in such advertising-personalization and retargeting applications, they can always submit their requests by contacting our company using the contact information on the website.

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