PUMA x Modibodi Active Boyshort Wine Black

absorbency: Moderate-Heavy
Color: Wine Black
Size: 36 / XS

6 installment option

Subtotal: 750TL

Absorbency: 15ml = 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons

Made to keep you moving, the Puma X Modibodi Active Boyshort keeps you protected and dry so you can work out without limits – or leaks. Crafted from innovative recycled polyester which is smooth, stretchy and moisture-wicking, each pair features our exclusive built-in technology which absorbs periods, light bladder leaks, discharge and sweat to replace disposable pads and tampons...for good.

  • Our breathable patented built-in 3mm Modifier Technology lining is super absorbent for leak-proof action.
  • Features include a comfy wide logo waistband, sporty mesh panels, and longer legs that won’t ride up to keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh while you run, spin and gym.
  • Outer fabric has a moisture-wicking treatment to keep you feeling cool and dry.
  • Ideal for periods, bladder leaks, discharge and sweat.
  • A reusable alternative to disposable pads, liners or tampons.
  • To activate your Modibodi’s magic powers, wash before use.
  • Designed in Australia.
  • Please read our FAQ for advice on caring for your Modibodi


Outer: 82% Recycled Polyester 18% Elastane
Mesh: 92% Recycled Polyester 8% Elastane
3 Layer Lining: 100% Merino Wool + 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide + 100% Polyester
Excludes Trims

We're committed to creating thoughtfully-made apparel – from our reusable designs to our fabric choices, social impact and responsible supply chains.

Should I wear Modibodi menstrual panties with a tampon, menstrual cup or pad?
Modibodi is designed to completely replace other disposable products. You don't need to use anything else even on your busiest days. With absorbency options ranging from super-light to Maxi-24 Hour, you can feel confident every day, whether you have a flow or not!
Which size should I buy?
We always recommend buying the underwear size you normally buy. If you are undecided between two sizes, you can choose the smaller size. You can also check which size is suitable for you according to your body measurements in the "Size Chart" above.
Do I need to wash my Modibodi before wearing it?
Yes, you must wash your products before first use to activate the technology in the mesh part.

What are Modibodi menstrual swimsuits/bikinis used for?

Modibodi swimsuits and bikinis are designed to be used both on light-moderate menstrual days and light urine leakage.

If you plan to use your Modibodi leak-proof swimsuit and bikini for swimming on menstrual days, you can use it alone on days when bleeding is light or on days when you have spotting. If you have a heavy flow, you can use Modibodi leak-proof menstrual swimsuits and bikinis from the middle to the second half of your period. You can use it as a backup on days of heavier bleeding and prevent overflow on your clothes and towels. You can also wear it comfortably on the beach while waiting for your menstrual cycle to start. When you enter the water, your bikini gets wet inside and out. However, thanks to our quick-drying fabrics, you will dry very quickly when you get out of the water!

Are Modibodi menstrual swimsuits and bikinis safe for pools and beaches?

We love the waves as much as a pink flamingo floating in the pool :) Yes, our swimsuits and bikinis can be used safely at beaches and pools! To continue using your Modibodi swimsuits and bikinis throughout the day, simply rinse them under cold water.

Modibodi menstrual panties - how does it feel to wear menstrual panties?
Just like normal underwear! Thanks to its technologically absorbent mesh part, it is designed for your comfort without ever feeling like excess. Just put it on and go!

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If you think that there is any deformation in the package brought by the cargo company or that the products are damaged during delivery, please open the package in front of the cargo officer and check it before signing the cargo delivery form. If there is no problem, you can receive the products by signing the cargo form. If the products are damaged, submit a report to the cargo officer and return the package without receiving it. New products will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Our company is not responsible if damaged products are received.

  • You can return unopened, undamaged, unused, and resellable products within 14 days.
  • The shipping fee for returning the product belongs to the buyer.
  • If the products you return comply with the return conditions, the refunds to be made by our company are forwarded to the bank within 14 days.
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In order to maximize the performance of your products, before first use, please wash your Modibodi in the washing machine, in cold water if possible, at a temperature of up to 30°, on a delicate programme. You can use detergent.

This action will enable you to activate our innovative technology.

Please do not use fabric softener, bleach or stain remover.


1- Rinse by hand under running water until the water becomes clear, do not soak.

2- Wash in the washing machine, if possible, in cold water , up to 30°, on a delicate programme. You can use detergent.

3- Please do not use softener, bleach and stain remover. We recommend using a laundry bag, without a zipper if possible.

4- Soaking : This is because soaking can cause potential thinning and reduce the effectiveness of our antimicrobial technology. It is much more effective to keep it under running water and then throw it into the machine, because the layer accumulated in the mesh does not completely disappear when kept in water.

5- Hang dry , do not use a dryer: We recommend that you hang dry your Modibodini. Never use a dryer, and never put it on the heater! In cold weather, you can dry it by hanging it at arm's length from the heater.

Once dry, we recommend storing your Modibodi products in a dry laundry bag for extra protection (just like our winter sweaters). Because they are made from natural fibers like wool, they may attract small moisture bugs.

6- Repeat the same way every time!

Don't forget! Modibodi is not a support pant. It does not require disposable products such as pads and tampons.

Size Chart
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