Will it work?

Our Menstrual Panties are really
is tried and tested.

Our Menstrual Panties are subjected to a series of tests in a laboratory environment by independent organizations before they reach you.

So if you're asking: Will it really work?
We can answer loudly: Yes, it will definitely work.

Will it leak when pressure is applied?

You no longer have to worry about leaks during your period, thanks to a less fancy version of our real-life Hydrostatic Pressure Test than the video above. This test checks whether our liner can retain leaks under pressure. All you have to do is choose the right absorbency for your flow and change your panties before you start feeling full.

Will a shot glass absorb liquid?

Our products are Saturation Tested in the laboratory to ensure they trap different amounts of liquid depending on your flow. Our most absorbent Maxi styles can absorb up to 50ml of liquid – almost twice the size of a shot glass. Cheers.

Will it absorb faster than the flame?

Attention, ready, bam! You'll feel confident and comfortable while wearing the perfect style for your flow, thanks to our absorbent lining that dries in seconds. To prove this, we developed our Absorption Rate laboratory test by competing the absorption of the average amount of blood released with the flame speed.

Will it leave a stain?

No – you won't have to worry about feeling blood on your skin or clothing either. The Wet Back Test wets our absorbent liner with a small amount of blood, then places a piece of tissue on top to see if there is any leakage. If you're wearing the right absorbency for your flow, our liner is designed to keep you feeling dry.