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Product Info and Sizing

Modibodi is reusable and sustainable leak-proof apparel that totally replaces the need for disposable products such as panty liners, tampons, pads, and incontinence products.  Modibodi™ uses high quality fabrics like Merino Wool to keep you dry and support breathability. Australian patented Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (only 3mm) stain-resistant lining for modern periods and leaks, and Modifier Air Technology™ – a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining for getting sweaty.  We also have our patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology™  found exclusively in our water-repellent, leak-proof swimwear range.

Modibodi underwear can be a total replacement for disposable feminine hygiene products (panty liners, pads, tampons) OR can work in conjunction with them.

It's all about knowing your flow, and which absorbency level suits you best. When you purchase a product with the right level of absorbency, you can completely ditch disposable products like pads and tampons and just wear sustainable and leak-proof Modibodi underwear. This is much more beneficial for your body and our planet.

Absolutely, our products do not require the use of a tampon or menstrual cup, and offer a total replacement to disposable hygiene.
Yes! If you are one of the two women who have overflow problems especially during menstrual period, Modibodi is just for you. Our Modifier Technology™ is leak-proof, absorbent, and stain- and odor-resistant. You can consider it as a great backup so you don't have to worry about leaks.

However, when you purchase a product with the right level of absorbency, you can completely ditch disposable products like pads and tampons and just wear sustainable and leak-proof Modibodi underwear. This is much more beneficial for our planet.
Yes! If you are one of the 1 in 3 women that experience light to moderate bladder leaks or light incontinence, our Australian patented Modifier Technology™ underpants are a fantastic option for you. 

They are breathable, odour resistant, super absorbent, leak-proof, stain-resistant, and wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry, odour free and fresh all day.

Absolutely! While all our products are designed to tackle not only periods and incontinence but also sweat, our Modifier Air (Moisture Wicking) range is specifically crafted to provide perspiration relief. Made with Merino wool, these products are naturally odour-resistant and moisture-wicking, effectively moving sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and fresh. If you're looking for a reliable solution to keep you comfortable and sweat-free, our Modifier Air range is the perfect choice. Trust us to deliver products that cater to your unique needs and help you stay confident and comfortable all day long.

The right absorbency for you will depend on your flow. It’s really a matter for the individual to determine which absorbency is most suitable to their period and/or incontinence needs. Our products have been scientifically proven for safe wear for up to 24 hours, but we do recommend testing them first to understand your flow and the absorbency option you’ve chosen.

For new customers, we recommend trying Modibodi at home for a day to better understand how your flow works with our technology, and for you to understand the key indicators for needing to change over to a fresh pair.

A helpful tip for changing over is when the gusset/padding begins to feel wet. Our top layer technology is designed to keep you feeling dry as it absorbs the liquid into the middle layers. The top layer will start to feel wet when the middle of the gusset has reached capacity, indicating the need to change to a fresh pair. Some helpful info regarding our product absorbency can also be found on "our absorbencies" page.

No way! Modibodi has undergone extensive independent testing against both reusable and disposable leak-proof products on the market, and we are thrilled to announce that we have come out on top as the driest option available. This means that as long as you select the appropriate absorbency level that matches your flow, you can trust that Modibodi will keep you completely dry and protected.

Questions about products

All of our products are independently tested to withstand at least 100 washes. The lifespan of your Modibodi products is largely dependent on the wash and care of the garments. Underwear is considered a delicate product, so the elastic and thread may get damaged with wear and tear. We will guarantee the quality and fabrics for a period of up to six (6) months and will replace faulty garments up until this time if deemed to be a manufacturer fault. After this time, it will be classified as general wear and tear.  Though wear and tear may appear this will not impact the effectiveness of the Modifier Technology built into the gusset of the product.

For more detailed information on this subject, you can contact our Customer Satisfaction Team at info@modibodi.com.tr.

Blood and urine don’t have a strong odour. Sometimes vaginal fluid and bacteria can create odour – this is normal. To give you peace of mind, our Modifier Technology combats odour. The moisture-wicking gusset layer is made of 100% Merino wool which naturally locks away odour, only releasing it when you throw your Modibodi in the washing machine. For our products that don’t have Merino wool in the gusset, we use an anti-odour treatment to give you piece of mind your undies won’t smell.

However, if you leave them soaking for too long or store them before they're completely dry, you might end up with that musty smell.

TTo get rid of any unwanted odours, here's what you can do: -Mix some white vinegar with water in a 1:3 ratio (just enough to cover your underwear), and rinse your underwear thoroughly, paying attention to the gusset or padding. -You can let the underwear soak in this solution for a short period but avoid leaving them in for too long (not more than 20 minutes). -After that, toss them in the washing machine along with a bit more vinegar, in a ratio of 1:5. -For the best outcome, hang them out in the sunlight until they're completely dry before stashing them back in your drawers.

They sure are! Bleach-free zone here. As long as our care instructions are followed, it should not stain. Our patented technology means every leak and odour is absorbed and won’t leak through!

Instructions for use

Before first use;

To maximize the performance of your products, please wash them in the Modibodi washing machine before first use, in cold water if possible, on a delicate program up to 30°. You can use detergent.

This action will enable you to activate our innovative technology on the network side. Please do not use fabric softener and stain remover.

After Each Use;

1- Rinse by hand under running water until the water becomes clear, do not soak.

2- Wash in the washing machine, if possible, in cold water, up to 30°, on a delicate programme. You can use detergent.

3- Please do not use softener and stain remover. We recommend using a laundry bag, without a zipper if possible.

4- Soaking: This is because soaking can cause potential thinning and reduce the effectiveness of our antimicrobial technology. It is much more effective to keep it under running water and then throw it into the machine, because the layer accumulated in the mesh does not completely disappear when kept in water.

5- Dry by hanging, do not use a dryer: We recommend that you hang dry your Modibodini. Never use a dryer, and never put it on the heater! In cold weather, you can dry it by hanging it at arm's length from the heater.

Once dry, we recommend storing your Modibodi products in a dry laundry bag for extra protection (just like our winter sweaters). Because they are made from natural fibers like wool, they may attract small moisture bugs.

6- Repeat the same way every time!

Don't forget! Modibodi is not a support pant. It does not require disposable products such as pads and tampons.

Absolutely, this is very important!

All newly purchased underwear should be washed before use. You should wash it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, preferably in cold water or up to a maximum of 30°, and hang it to dry. This is necessary not only for hygienic reasons, but also to maximize the performance of the products.

Be sure to wash Modibodi laundry before first use, as this will activate the technology in the mesh part.

Don't worry, an accidental tumble dry will not ruin your Modibodi garment.

We do advise refraining from using a tumble dryer all together, as consistent exposure to high temperatures can break down the hi-tech function over time and will result in a much shorter life span of the garment.

Size Selection

We always recommend buying the underwear size you normally buy.

If you are undecided between two sizes, you can choose the smaller size. Before ordering Modibodi underwear or swimsuit-bikini, do not forget to check your size in the size chart on our website!

When choosing your size, be sure to check out our size chart by clicking the link below;

Modibodi Size Chart

Yes, seamless models are produced specifically to be narrower, as they will stretch and fit your body perfectly after the first use and wash. If you need detailed help on this issue, you can contact us at info@modibodi.com.tr.

We always recommend buying the bikini top size you normally buy.

Before ordering Modibodi underwear or swimsuit-bikini, do not forget to check your size in the size chart on our website!

When choosing your size, be sure to check out our size chart by clicking the link below;

Modibodi Size Chart

Modibodi Menstrual Swimsuit and Bikini Products

Modibodi swimsuits and bikinis are designed to be used both on light-moderate menstrual days and light urine leakage.

If you plan to use your Modibodi leak-proof swimsuit and bikini for swimming on menstrual days, you can use it alone on days when bleeding is light or on days when you have spotting. If you have a heavy flow, you can use Modibodi leak-proof menstrual swimsuits and bikinis from the middle to the second half of your period. You can use it as a backup on days of heavier bleeding and prevent overflow on your clothes and towels. You can also wear it comfortably on the beach while waiting for your menstrual cycle to start. When you enter the water, your bikini gets wet inside and out. However, thanks to our quick-drying fabrics, you will dry very quickly when you get out of the water!

While we can't share specific information about what makes this technology so great, we want you to know that; Our innovative Swimwear Technology is made with water-repellent and quick-drying fabric, fights bacteria and odor, catches sneaky urine leaks, and is perfect for light to moderate periods!

It takes more than 500 years for disposable pads and tampons to decompose in nature.
Our Modibodi swimsuits and bikinis not only reduce landfill waste but are also vegan.
Our swimsuit and bikini collections also use sustainable and renewable fabrics such as Modibodi and RED menstrual panties.

We love the waves as much as a pink flamingo floating in the pool :) Yes, our swimsuits and bikinis can be used safely at beaches and pools! To continue using your Modibodi swimsuits and bikinis throughout the day, simply rinse them under cold water.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is similar to the SPF ratings used in sunscreens. Clothing with a UPF of 50 allows only 1/50 of the UV radiation hitting the clothing to pass through it. The highest UPF rating that can be assigned to a garment is 50+, with an item in this range determined to provide "excellent" protection against UV radiation. All Modibodi swimsuits and bikinis are rated UPF 50+. This is not a substitute for sunscreen and additional sun protection should always be used.

No, our reversible Crop Top bikini top is not absorbent.

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