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When should I change my menstrual panties?

You've taken a great step for both your body and our planet by switching to menstrual panties. You can be sure that you will feel much more comfortable and safe as you continue to use it ­čśë

We proudly say that Modibodi is the washable menstrual pant that can retain the most fluid for the longest time!

In our previous article, we mentioned that every woman's flow and menstrual intensity are different. ( Which absorbency level should you wear menstrual panties and at which time?)

So how many hours you should change your laundry depends entirely on your flow rate. We have many customers who comfortably wear their Modibodi for 8-10 hours, or even 12 hours!

It has been scientifically proven that our laundry with Maxi-24 hour technology lasts up to 24 hours, depending on the bleeding intensity. The average woman loses a maximum of 80ml of blood during her menstrual cycle. Our liner with Maxi 24-hour technology holds 50 ml of liquid at a time.

We aim to show maximum performance even in the most challenging moments, with options ranging from super light to superior absorbency for up to 24 hours. That's why Modibodi is always with you, with its different absorbency options.

But still YOU We recommend that you make your first use when you are at home to be sure how long it will keep without leaking.

From the moment you wear it, you will constantly experience that feeling of dryness that you do not feel when using pads. Although it varies depending on the absorbency level and bleeding intensity  Click here for our models that will keep you dry and leak-free for up to 24 hours. you can reach.

You'll know it's filling when the crotch begins to get heavy. You may also feel a slight wetness when it is filled to maximum capacity. (But never like on the pad!) If you want, you can also test it with a paper napkin to see if there is a slight leakage from the edges. You may see a slight pink stain, but it will not transfer to your clothing. Then it's time to wear a new Modibodi. Put on a new one and get on with your day.

Our side opening and closing model, which you can change without taking off your clothes at work, will also be on our website very soon. You can put your Modibodini in our waterproof, leak-proof fabric bags and carry it with you until you get home. (Our bags will be here very soon ­čśë)

As you use our products with different absorbency levels, understand which one you should wear on which day of your period and how long it lasts you, we guarantee that you will never return to pads and tampons again.

Don't forget! Modibodi women do not have to worry about leaks because there is nothing better than Modibodi in the fight against leaks!

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