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How do menstrual swimsuits and bikinis work?

How do menstrual swimsuits and bikinis work?

We often hear the question: Can I swim during my period? Of course, yes if you want. Soaking can provide natural relief for cramps and be refreshing. But let's be realistic. When you're on your period, the last thing you usually want to do is take your clothes off and get wet.

For many people, the idea of ​​swimming during their period can be a major concern. Many people find tampons and pads uncomfortable and unreliable in water. What about going into the water without using any protection? We can say that this is a complete source of stress.

This is where Modibodi menstrual swimsuits and bikinis come into play.

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Our menstrual swimsuit/bikinis look and feel like regular swimsuits, but also absorb 1-2 tampons of blood or urine without leaking. Mind-blowing, right?

To understand exactly how the technology of our sealing, water-resistant swimsuit works, we asked Charissa Lanham, Modibodi Director of Product and Innovation.

Period swimsuits seem like magic. How is it working?

Our original swimsuit technology includes a two-layer lining. The first layer consists of a special Modibodi fabric that can hold 10 ml (1-2 buffer value) of blood without leaking.

The second layer is a waterproof layer to provide an additional protection and safety barrier between the absorbent layer and the outer layer. Additional protection against leaks is provided by applying a water-repellent treatment to the outer fabric.

How do menstrual swimsuits and bikinis work?

The secret is hidden in the secret lining of the menstrual swimsuit. This smart technology is used to absorb 1-2 tampons of blood when you are in or out of water.

The second sealing layer is waterproof, so it keeps pool or sea water away from the blood inside and you don't have to worry about leaking.

Does it leak when you stand or get out of the water?

No! Because the swimsuit is designed to fit correctly, the waterproof barrier prevents your absorbency layer from leaking liquids.

How is the outer fabric different from regular swimsuit fabric?

Our Modibodi menstrual swimsuit and bikini fabrics are GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified. This means it is durable, chlorine resistant and quick drying. Additionally, a special treatment is applied to both sides of the outer fabric to make it water repellent, thus helping to keep the crotch area waterproof.

How do our menstrual swimsuits control odor?

The absorbent layer of our swimsuit is treated with a special treatment that helps control odor.

How do our menstrual swimsuits differ from our leak-proof underwear?

Our patented swimsuit technology is completely different from the patented Modifier technology inner lining (the technology in our menstrual panties). While our underwear has layers of absorbent fabric inside, our swimsuits have an innovative and special absorbency layer.

How long can I wear my menstrual swimsuit at the beach or pool without experiencing leaks?

This will depend on how heavy your flow is. If you have a heavy flow, we recommend that you change your menstrual swimsuit after a few hours on the first day of your period, or use it with a tampon or menstrual cup. If you have a lighter flow or are near the end of your period, you can use it all day. Since they have the capacity to hold 10 ml or 1-2 buffers worth of liquid without leaking, you will need to replace them when they reach capacity.

Will people notice that I'm wearing a menstrual swimsuit?

No, the absorbent linings of menstrual swimwear are not thick or bulky like pads, and the water-resistant layer prevents pool or sea water from being absorbed. Therefore, it does not increase in size after entering the water. No one will be able to tell that this is not a normal swimsuit.

Are you ready to dive?

By discovering the variety of Modibodi's leak-proof swimsuits, you can swim safely no matter what time of the month you are. Made using special and recycled fabrics, these products can be used as an excellent alternative for light periods, spotting or discharge, and are a great replacement for disposable menstrual hygiene products.

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