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Youth and Children's Menstrual Panties

Hey! Your period has come and you still haven't started using Modibodi menstrual panties?

Menstrual panties are a special type of panties used by women and young girls during menstruation. Modibodi Menstrual panties are designed to absorb blood during menstruation and prevent various problems.

These are underwear that you can wear instead of pads or tampons during your period! * YES * it looks and feels like regular underwear but has an internal lining that traps liquid. When you need to change your underwear, just rinse, then wash and put on a clean one.

Modibodi Menstrual panties have some amazing benefits for kids and teens too! Here are some of these benefits:

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  • Provides convenient and comfortable protection during menstrual period: Menstrual panties provide convenient and comfortable protection during the menstrual period, thanks to their structure that absorbs menstrual blood.

  • Modibodi Youth / Children's Menstrual Panties series are specially produced for children and young people : Young - children's menstrual panties are smaller in size and light weight, so they provide comfortable use for children and young people.
  • Provides functionality during menstrual period : Menstrual panties help students move comfortably during the school period. During menstruation, it becomes easier for students to continue their activities such as going to school, doing sports, and participating in social activities.
  • It is safer for your health: The use of menstrual panties is extra important for children and teenagers, because the risk of infection increases during this period and hygienic protection becomes important. Thanks to its patented Modifier Technology, Modibodi menstrual panties provide extra hygiene by preventing the formation of bacteria and also prevent the formation of odor.
  • Increases students' success in courses and exams: Menstrual panties increase students' success in classes and exams during their menstrual period, because they become more focused and motivated thanks to their comfortable and hygienic protection.
  • Affects body image positively: Youth - children's menstrual panties positively affect students' body image. Young people's confidence in their bodies increases during their menstrual period, and they become more comfortable and happy as their respect for their bodies increases.
  • Improves sleep quality: Modibodi Sleep Short models are especially designed for young girls during their menstrual period. Even during the nights of the busiest days, our young girls who enter their menstrual period sleep comfortably, dry and safe.

Click to view Modibodi Youth / Children's Menstrual Panties Collection...

  • It is an environmentally friendly option for children and teenagers during their menstrual period: Period panties are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Menstrual panties save more materials and reduce waste than disposable plastic pads. Additionally, menstrual panties are an environmentally friendly option, helping children and young people develop future environmental awareness.


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