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How to remove blood stains from clothes and linens?

In this article, we will talk about how to remove menstrual blood stains from clothes, linens and furniture.

First of all, let's face it, menstrual blood stains happen. You don't have to be at a certain stage of your period to experience leaking. There are many reasons for unexpected bleeding: maybe you misremembered your period's due date, you're trying a new birth control method, or your menstrual cycle is still off track.

The thing is, your period may be irregular and leaking is nothing to be ashamed of. But the fear of leaving a stain on your friend's couch, ruining a perfect set of sheets, or having to throw away your favorite underwear is real.

Fortunately, removing blood stains is child's play with a little know-how.

In this article, we explain how to remove blood from clothes and furniture and provide you with a tip to make leaks a thing of the past.

You have a period spot, so what happens now?

The sight of blood on fabric can be alarming. If you notice the stain quickly and remove it immediately, the process will be quite easy.

Let's start with the ingredients;

  • Hydrogen peroxide: This oxidizing chemical lifts the blood stain from the fabric by fluffing it. If you don't have it on hand, lemon juice will also work. (you can find peroxide in pharmacies)
  • Cold water: Cold water is golden when it comes to blood stains, never use hot water. High temperature will allow the proteins in the blood to adhere more tightly to the fabric.
  • Clean cloths and a soft-bristled brush: You can use these to wet the stain, wipe it* and absorb the stain.

*NOTE: Always gently press the bloodstained surface, never rub it. Pressing and rubbing will spread the stain and smudge it.

How to remove menstrual blood from clothes and furniture?

As long as you have hydrogen peroxide (or lemon juice) on hand, you can easily remove blood stains from most surfaces.

 How to clean menstrual blood from underwear?

  • If the stain is new, rinse your underwear under cold running water to remove any excess blood. If the stain is dry, soak your laundry in cold water for about 30 minutes.
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide onto a wet sponge and begin dabbing the stain.
  • Wring out your underwear, dry it a little and throw it into the washing machine on the cold cycle.
  • If the stain is not completely removed, repeat the steps above.
  • Hang your underwear outdoors until dry.

How to remove menstrual blood from sheets?

For new, undamaged stains:

  • Quickly remove the sheets from your bed to stop blood from seeping into your mattress.
  • Rinse the stain with cold water.
  • Dampen a cloth with cold water and start wiping the stain without pressing or rubbing.
  • Soak the sheet in cold water for 30 minutes, then place the stained area in a large bowl.
  • Pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide (or the juice of one lemon) and plenty of cold water over the stain.
  • Leave it for 24 hours and let the mixture take effect.
  • Machine wash in cold water program.
  • Let it air dry.

For dried stains:

  • Soak the sheet in cold water overnight to loosen the dried blood.
  • Pour half a glass of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and gently work it in with your brush.
  • After 10 minutes, use a cloth soaked in cold water to wipe the stain.
  • Machine wash in cold water program.
  • Let it air dry.

If stain remains, repeat the process.

How to remove menstrual blood from your sofa?

  • Immediately use a dry cloth to absorb as much of the contaminated liquid as possible.
  • Dampen a new cloth with cold water and use it to wipe the stain.
  • Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to a fresh cloth and dab it gently over the stain.
  • Wet another clean cloth with cold water and use it to rinse the stained area. This is easy to do – use gentle circular motions and avoid pressing and scrubbing.

Dealing with a stubborn stain? Repeat the same steps.

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