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Which absorbency level of menstrual panties should you wear and on which days?

Which absorbency level is right for you?

You may have decided to try it, but you may be undecided about which of our menstrual panties with different absorbency levels is suitable for your flow. (Because we have options according to the flow of every body ­čśŐ) We prepared this article to guide you and help you make the right choice before purchasing.

First of all, what you should remember is that every woman's flow is unique. It is very important to know the maximum absorbency capacity of the menstrual panties you will purchase, depending on the intensity of your menstrual period and urine leakage. You will never regret it when you choose menstrual panties that you can use with the best performance, we guarantee it ­čśë

The menstrual cycle usually starts with a small amount on the first day and reaches its maximum level the next day. Depending on the length of the menstrual cycle, bleeding occurs heavily for 2-3 days and continues to decrease. But you should not forget that in a healthy menstrual cycle, the total blood lost should not be more than 80ml. If you have reservations about this issue and think that you are losing more blood, we recommend that you see a doctor without delay. Because you are unique and you should take care of yourself­čśŐ

Prepare your basket according to the days of your period!

Now let's detail it over a 4-day menstrual period.

First day; Considering that the bleeding will be at a moderate level (which may be less in some women), you can choose our products with medium-dense or light-medium absorbency levels. The crotch part of these products does not extend to the waist level, but it will protect you for at least 12 hours since your period has not intensified yet.

If you want to feel safe and comfortable while going to bed at night and have a good sleep without worrying about your sheets, you can now switch to intensive-all-night mode . You can enjoy a sound sleep all night long, without worrying about whether you have slipped or curled up in your sleep, whether to put on a new one, or without experiencing the problems you encounter with products such as disposable pads and tampons.­čśë

The second day; This is usually the day when bleeding is heaviest. Especially if you are going to school or work, you can choose from our Maxi-24- hour products, which have a total absorbency of 50ml, that is, up to 10 tampons, or our intensive-overnight products, which have an absorbency of 20 ml, that is, 3-4 tampons. The crotch part of these products extends to the waist. You can be sure that you will forget that you have your period all day long. If you feel that you are very busy at night and would like to sleep in clean underwear, take a new pair of menstrual panties from your drawer and wear them throughout the night . Sweet dreams ­čśŐ

Third day; Depending on the level of bleeding, you can spend it on the second day.

On the fourth day; If you threw the clothes you wore on the first day into the machine and hung them up, you can complete them in the same way. Additionally, if you experience light smearing, dripping and daily discharge in the following days, we recommend that you take a look at our products with super light absorbency level.

We are proud to say that we produce the best leak-proof menstrual panties in the world.

Make room in your drawer for Modibodi 's, which have different models to suit your flow, so that you can experience this comfort experienced by millions of women all over the world. Take action today for both your body and our planet!

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