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How to Use Menstrual Panties?

Nowadays, discourses about sustainability, environmental awareness and the goal of leaving a better world to future generations appear in almost every context. In today's article, we will leave aside the reasons that we all know and talk about the how.

Washable menstrual panties - menstrual panties, which are widely used in the world, have now become a curious product in our country.

We talked about what menstrual panties are and what they are used for in our previous article. What are menstrual panties? You can find our detailed article here.

Menstrual panties are not support panties, meaning they can be used alone, without the need for pads and tampons. Its most important feature is that it is not disposable and can be washed and worn repeatedly.

Modibodi menstrual panties have many absorbency levels and you can use menstrual panties that suit your flow for years.

So how to use menstrual panties?

Just put it on and go :) Stay comfortable all day and even all night.

Things you should do before and after use are;

To maximize the performance of menstrual panties;


- To maximize the performance of their products, please Before first use, wash your Modibodi in the washing machine, in cold water if possible, up to 30°, on a delicate programme .

- You can use detergent.

- This action will enable you to activate our innovative technology on the network side.

Please do not use softener, bleach and stain remover!


one- Hand Rinse: Do not soak under running water until the water becomes clear.

2- In the washing machine, in cold water if possible , Wash on delicate programme, up to 30°. You can use detergent.

3- Do not use fabric softener, bleach and stain remover. We recommend using a laundry bag, without a zipper if possible.

4- Soaking : This is because soaking can cause potential thinning and reduce the effectiveness of our antimicrobial technology. It is much more effective to keep it under running water and then throw it into the machine, because the layer accumulated in the mesh does not completely disappear when kept in water.

5- Hang Dry: using a dryer; We recommend that you hang your Modibod to dry it. Never use a dryer, and never put it on the heater! In cold weather, you can dry it by hanging it at arm's length from the heater.

Once dry, we recommend storing your Modibodi products in a dry laundry bag for extra protection (just like our winter sweaters). Because they are made from natural fibers like wool, they may attract small moisture bugs.

6- Repeat the same way every time!

Don't forget! Modibodi is not a support pant. It does not require disposable products such as pads and tampons.

Now you can enjoy sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy, comfortable menstrual panties ;)

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