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What are menstrual panties?

What are menstrual panties - menstrual panties - panty pads? We answer your questions!

These are underwear that you can wear instead of pads or tampons during your period! * YES * it looks and feels like regular underwear but has an internal lining that traps liquid. When you need to change your underwear, just rinse, then wash and put on a clean one.

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You're thinking of trying it too, but are there any things on your mind?

You are right. Switching to something new can be a little confusing, so Frequently Asked Questions We answer.

Do menstrual underwear make you feel wet?

Ours is no. The top layer of our patented lining is designed with Merino wool. Merino wool naturally absorbs moisture, leaving you feeling fresh and dry.

Some of our customers say that they feel blood dripping on their underwear during their menstrual periods. But when you try it, you will notice that it will very quickly be absorbed by the upper layer and move to the middle layer where it will be trapped. How Menstrual Panties Work Click and Read...

Do period underwear smell?

No, your Modibodi does not smell for 2 main reasons. First, the liquid is rapidly delivered to the middle layer and trapped there. Thus, you always feel dry and safe thanks to the dry upper area. Plus, our patented mesh structure is designed to fight odor and odor-causing bacteria, meaning it's a safe odor buster.

Is it noticeable from the outside?

No, it is never noticeable from the outside. But you can tell your friends about menstrual panties so they too have a chance to feel comfortable and dry. And of course you should do your bit for the planet.

Made from high quality fabrics and available in many different models, our menstrual panties look and feel like regular underwear.

The absorbent lining is placed in the crotch part of the underwear. So it won't slip, move, fall or fold in (unlike pads!) In addition, the mesh thickness is only 3 mm in our Medium-Dense and Intense-night absorbency level underwear, and 6 mm in our Maxi 24-hour absorbency level underwear. This makes it unnoticeable even under tight clothing.

How do I know when to change my period underwear?

Just like when you first use a pad or tampon, it can take a while to figure out how often you'll need to change your underwear, and this will vary depending on both your personal flow and the absorbency of the underwear you're wearing.

Many of our customers say they wear one all day at work or school and then switch to a new pair of underwear when they get home or before bed. Over time, you will find the right one for you.

If you need to change your underwear while you're out during the day, or if you're worried you might need it, you can use our waterproof bags. This way, you can store your used underwear safely (and odor-free) until washing.

How many underwear do I need to get through my entire period?

This depends on how often you do the laundry (or, if you're lucky, how often someone does it for you).

Basically, you need one for each day of your period. That's about 4 to 7 Modibodis unless your period is particularly short or longer than usual. Plus, you'll probably want to wear a different one at night, too.

For example, if you wash your menstrual panties every three days and wear one during the day and one at night, you will need six Modibodi. But if you wash every other day, four will be enough.

Therefore, the first thing you need to think about is to calculate how often you will do laundry :) After using your Modibodi, you can rinse it with cold water and throw it into the machine with the rest of your laundry. Use regular laundry detergent, but no fabric softener.

How to wash menstrual panties?

First of all, we would like to say that it will be much easier than trying to remove blood from ordinary white cotton panties :)

The absorbent mesh on Modibodi underwear is black, so you don't need to use stain remover. Also, there is no need to soak, rub or scratch. (Yes!)

Since our period panties are literally designed to leak in, all you have to do to keep them in top shape is follow these four simple steps… Not a big ask for a comfortable period and planet-friendly protection ;)

STEP 1: Hand rinse your menstrual underwear in cold water. You can do this under the tap until the water runs clear, or right after removing your underwear in the shower.

STEP 2: You should wash your rinsed laundry in the washing machine, preferably in cold water. It would be better if you use a laundry bag if possible.

STEP 3: Use regular laundry detergent. You should not use fabric softener because it may damage the natural fibers that make your underwear work effectively.

STEP 4: Hang dry (no tumble dryer!). That's it :)

About Modibodi

Modibodi was founded in 2012 by Kristy Chong, an Australian entrepreneur. Modibodi was established to offer eco-friendly menstrual panties, menstrual swimsuits and urinary incontinence underwear and similar products that are hygienic, comfortable and safe. The products are produced using natural materials and offer a hygienic, comfortable and safe option for women.

Modibodi not only offers hygienic products but also aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle. The company pays attention to saving energy, minimizing waste and using natural materials in the production process of its products.

Modibodi also carries out social responsibility projects. The company strives to provide educational and hygiene products for girls who have difficulty going to school during their menstrual period. It also aims to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle with its products produced using natural materials.

Modibodi has continued to grow over the years and today is sold in many countries around the world. The company continues to work to provide a hygienic, comfortable and safe option for women with menstrual periods and urinary incontinence problems.

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